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Fakes & Forgeries

Forgeries of Zinc Plate ProvisionalIssues of 1919-1925

In about 1911 the police seized a zinc plate in Tehran which apparently was made in Zurich and meant to be used for making forgeries of the 1908-09 Mohammad Ali Shah stamps. During the shortage of stamps in March and April of 1919, this plate was utilized in printing of a set of provisional stamps. The same plate was utilized for 1924-25 provisional issues too. The forgeries of these stamps were also made, however they can be easily distinguished. The forgeries have weak lettering and there are two parallel lines above the letter "P" of "Postes" while in genuine stamps there is only one line as shown below:

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6ch 1919 genuine

Genuine 6Ch Stamp of 1919 Issue

basic forgery

Basic Forgery


Comparison of genuine stamp & forgery, which in forgeries there are two lines over the word POSTES while there is only one line over the word post in genuine examples.

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