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Fakes and Forgeries

The forgeries of
1882 - 1884 Recess Printed issues

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One Shahi (5 Centimes) Forgery

5C 1

5C 2


Two Shahis (10 Centimes)

5 Shahis

Fake Five Shahis stamps showing both types with three and two dots varieties

two dots

25C comparison

Five Shahis (25 Centimes)

The characteristics of the genuine stamps and their fake counterparts can be seen in the picture above. In all three values of this set, the middle line of the right pillar in forgeries is thick and intact, while in the genuine stamps it is weak and fading at the bottom of the line.
Also, the background of the scroll work and denomination are the same shade and color in forgeries while in the originals, the numeral's background is always darker, besides, the scroll works in the genuine stamps seem to have depth due to the shading of their edges, while in forgeries they look flat.

Forgeries of 1884 Recessed Issue

These forgeries like the forgeries of the 1882 issue are quite plentiful and many auction houses and dealers offer them as genuine examples, however with all the similarities, they are quite different from the rare originals as shown in the photographs and as explained previously for the 1882 issues.
These forgeries were also made in France for the same dealer.

5F Forgery | 10F Forgery

Forgeries of 5000 Dinars (5 Francs) & One Toman (10 Francs)

10F block of 6

One Toman marginal block of six forgery

5F comparison | 10F comparison

Comparison of Genuine and Forgeries of 5000 Dinars & One Toman

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