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c.1949 Reserve Banknote Company
To Commemorate IRAN ' s Contribution Toward the Victory of
Allied Nations in World War II

25 Dinars black die proof
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25 Dinars black imperforate plate proof printed on thick ungummed paper from the archive of American Reserve Banknote Company. Extremely rare from the only sheet of 100.

Net Price $900.

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2.50 Rials Imperforate block of 4
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Scott # 913a

2.50r Veresk Railway Bridge - Marginal Imperforate Block of 4
Mint, Never Hinged
Rare Opportunity to Obtain this Popular Issue
.Natural Crease Affecting Bottom Stamps,
Otherwise Very Fine Appearance
Scott Catalogue Value: $2,600.00+

Net Price $1,200.

Sold Out


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