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Net price: $200.

Persiphila # 464E / Scott # 495
Mint, Original Gum
3 Krans black & purple perf. 11.5x11 short vignette - Persiphila photo certificate.


Special Offer $45.

Persiphila #522 (1)
Scott # 542 (Catalogue Value $90.)
Mint, original gum, hinged


Special Offer $175.

Persiphila #583 (1)
Scott # 582
Mint, original gume, hinged with thin spot.
Extremely rare genuine mint stamp in any condition.


Net price $200. (Sold Out)

c.1910 Saatdjian Essays for Ahmad Shah Coronation
One Shahi (1ch) orange & brown rose on vertically laid paper, perf. 14.5, with inverted center. No Gum. Accompanied with Persiphila photo certificate.

1921 Benaders Issues
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