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Persiphila - Iran Philatelic Reference

Volume 1 - Lions of Iran

Bilingual Handbook in English & Persian (Farsi)

اين کتاب به دو زبان فارسي و انگليسي نوشته شده است
Persiphila - Lions Book

This is a new edition of an indepth study of the classic Lion issues of Iran in more than 200 pages and it is written in English and Farsi. This edition is very different from the previous editions and covers a vast amount of information and historical background, not published before.

This book is consisted of two parts. The indepth study of the original issues including new discoveries and the second section discusses the forgeries in detail.

We are hoping to publish this edition in ebook form as well in the near future.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.


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2015 Persiphila Philatelic Reference - Vol.1 Classic Lions

Full color edition - $200.00


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