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Specialty Albums

Nassereddin Shah Qajar

Nassereddin Shah Qajar period album pages consisted of several volumes as noted and listed below. All album pages are acid free card stock paper with description in Farsi (Persian) and English. Each set of pages accompanied with sheet protector and binder.

Lion Issues: Consisted of pages with spaces provided for all cliche types for each stamp. To view pages please click on image below:

Lions Issues

Regular Issues: Regular stamps issued during the reign of Nassereddin Shah Qajar including major perforation varieties. Lion issues pages are compliment to these pages. All pages are made of acid free card stock with titles and descriptions in both Farsi (Persian) and English accompanied with sheet protectors and binder. To view pages please click on image below:

Regular Issues

Simple Version Special: Upon request by our clients, the simple version album pages for Nassereddin Shah Qajar period pages provides space for each ussyed stamp of this period,This is an album for those who wish to collect only one stamp rather than all different types of the Lion stamps or perforation varieties of the regular issues. To view pages please click on image below:

Simple Version Pages

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