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نوروز 2577 شاهنشاهی

No'Ruz (No-Rooz) meaning the "New Day" begins at the moment the Spring begins;
in other words, 

No'Ruz is the Birthday of Mother Nature,

The birthday celebration that initiated by the Persians and celebrated through millennia!

As the Earth rejuvenates by the arrival of Spring,
We Celebrate No'Ruz (New Day) and a New Beginning.

Although the celebration of No'Ruz is recognized as an international day of celebration
by the United Nations, but we must not forget that
in the beginning and to this day
No'Ruz is an Iranian Celebration
and it is the beginning of
the Iranian New Year.

In 539 B.C., Cyrus the Great, the Great King and Founder of the Persian Empire, upon liberation of the people of Babylon, he honored humanity with his declaration of Human Rights and his Persian Empire was called Iranian Empire, meaning the Land of Nobles or the Land of Free.

As inscribed on the cylindrical tablet remained from him and it is now kept in the British Museum (shown below), Cyrus the Great declared that,

"... Everyone in his Empire is free to worship any God he/she wishes to worship, no one is allowed to take anyone as a slave, everyone should be paid accordingly and fairly for the job they are hired to do, everyone has the right to choose their way of life..."

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